Saturday, July 18, 2009

but a bag is not a blog

Sewing a purse is not writing a blog; it is a prelude. I bought all the batik fabrics in Alaska last summer. The favorite stop was in Sitka, where I not only found the last three fabrics, but where every store in town featured a quilt sewn by a local. My friend Cheryl and I walked from store to store up and down the streets and admired quilts made by talented locals, probably during long winter days. And now during these wonderfully lazy days of summer, I have the luxury of time enough to sew. While cutting, ironing and stitching, I have lots of time just to think. The thoughts become inspiration and tear me away from the sewing table to the computer to write, write, write. NO! Back to the sewing table with you, woman... you can write later. NO! The ideas are flowing. Tough decisions have we in this lifetime. (German sentence structure...verb second) Forget the blog! Admire the bag! :)

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